The sheep barn

These are the barns at the Västanvik farm on the island of Nämdö in about 1953 with the cow-house to the right. In the middle is a wagon-shed connected at left to the sheep-house. Foto: Tore Regnell
Foto: Tore Regnell
Foto: Carl I. Dahlgren

The sheep-house in the left part of the barn is a block house which is said to be the very first barn at Västanvik after the Östanvik manorial estate was divided into four separate farms in the 1860th.

I have taken core samples from the wall between the shed and the sheep house. That is the wall with wagon ladders hanging to the left of the tractor on the photo above. These samples can be properly crossdated and show that

  • the trees for this wall was cut in the winter of 1866/1867.
  • Two of four samples were found to probably come from another place than Nämdö, possibly from the mainland or even from the other side of the Baltic.

I also had a sample from the opposite wall within the sheep-house, though this could not be crossdated.

Measurement series from four crossdated blocks of the wall is available as  NMLID.rwl