The island of Nämdö is situated about 25 miles east of central Stockholm, Sweden.

Nämdö is one of the smaller of the large islands in the Stockholm archipelago. It is about 6 km long and about 2 km wide. Though the bedrock is seen everywhere there is also some farmland. Those areas marked with yellow color on the map below were used as farmland in the 1930's. Until the 1950's there were four farms and a small market garden on Nämdö all having milch cows. Most of the farmland is still open and without trees and bushes. Today, parts of northern Nämdö is owned by Skärgårdsstiftelsen, a public service organization. On that area is a farm "Östanvik" still with cows, sheep and chickens. During the summer the sheep and cows graze both on Nämdö and on the small islands outside Nämdö.