Gamla skolan, Nämdö

The history of the old school house was not known at Nämdö some years ago. Old friends of mine knew that the school started here around 1870. But if the house was built for the school or not was completely unknown. There was a house at this place in 1865 when the manorial estate Östanvik was partitioned. Was it that same house? What was the history behind the house?

A dendrochronological analysis by Lars Löfstrand in Uppsala revealed that the house was built with logs cut in the winter 1869/70.

So this was obviously built as a school house, though it was quickly found to be too small. Building of still a new bigger school house started around 1908.
Ring width data is available here as GamlaSkolanNamdoByStem.rwl. For reference data, see our wiki List of references useful in southern and central Scandinavia