Scientists avoid connecting their measured data to historical events of disputable age

For quite some time we have been arguing that wood archaeologically anchored in West-Roman time has never been properly crossdated with dendrochronology towards wood of later times. The absence of proper crossdating is apparent as it was necessary to "calibrate" the Roman dendro complex with wood from the Roman camp at Oberaden. (The time that this camp was used can be constrained to a limited range historically.) We argue that the conventional date of the Roman dendro complex is too old by more than 200 years.

Nevertheless modern natural scientists have not always refrained from connecting e.g. their ice core data to historical events of the Roman period, a practice which possibly has led to incorrect results.

But there is hope. Now a group of scientists report on ice core chronologies which do not rely on calibration with historical events like the Vesuvius eruption of RomAD 79 (which occurred in 311 if we are right).

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