Links with 218-years-shift in European oak chronologies

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We have been asked to show any evidence for the validity of our proposed 218-years-shift within the European oak chronologies. This is difficult, because without the shift (i.e. with conventional dating) there are no matches at all and only gaps. The overlaps after the 218-years-shift are either too short to show anything significant or they are from different regions and therefore too weak.

The 218-years-shift within the Hollstein chronology
This is the link between HollsteinRecent and HollsteinRoman with the 218-years-shift applied (youngest year of HollsteinRoman at 533 instead of conventionally at 315):


To get this "match", we had to make the old end of HollsteinRecent more "NW German" by omitting (unchecking) the dominating site collections from the Donau upper reaches:


This is a detail study of the same match with only the series from the Trier amphitheater (TATE (conventionally 70 to 286) against TRAM (442 to 668) as reference):



The 218-years-shift within the Tegel chronology (France)
This is the link between FranceAbsoluteAD and TegelRoman with the 218-years-shift applied (youngest year of TegelRoman 435 instead of conventionally 217):