List of references useful in southern and central Scandinavia

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Pinus sylvestris references useful in Scandinavia

Baltic sea

  • SE005 (Gotland 1124-1987). Included in "Project EXTRATERRESTRIAL" [1] This collection seems to be based mainly on the same samples as Swed022, but measured independently and with other identities. A lot more samples from recent trees are included.
  • Swed302 ITRDB: swed302.rwl info Nämdö in Stockholm archipelago 1583-1995, by Lars-Åke Larsson. A good reference with good correlations towards the Gotlandic references. Also single trees are often datable between Nämdö and Gotland. For a later extended version of Swed302, see Nämdö.
  • Kalmarsund-PISY 1593-1943, datable samples found in various buildings and postmills on the island of Öland. The origin may be Öland and eastern Småland

South east Sweden, low elevations

  • BratPISY BratPISY-rev. Mälardalen 1153-1904 "Washed version of the meancurve published by Alf Bråthen available here. Segments with low correlation values towards other, sometimes rather distant references like SE005 and SE007 removed, and an error in the oldest part is corrected.
  • Swed307 ITRDB: swed307.rwl info Lerbäck north of Askersund, 1778[1811]-2004, by T. Axelson. (The oldest part 1778-1811 consists only of 4 samples from the same tree, and is not representative).
  • Finnåker-PISY, Southern Västmanland, 65m, 1684[1712]-2010, by T. Axelson. Two of the samples are verified only towards other chronologies.

South east Sweden - bogs (low elevation)

South west Sweden

Central Scandinavia

Southern Swedish highlands (Småland)

Dalarna and around (parts of Norway included)

  • FlodaSn another reference from the same area as Swed305 by T. Axelson, AD 1405-2005. Probably a bit narrow because of too hard selection. The "thickness" of this collection is very varying. [3]
  • SE007 Master chronology for Dalarna, 931-1888). Published by Lund University in the Project Extraterrestrial[5]. Very useful and surely "thick", except for the part before about 1040 which seems to be based on very few samples only.
  • Dalarna pre AD1350 PISY‎, Dalarna region before AD 1350. The collection covers the timespan AD 948-1509, at least 3 samples depth: AD 1040-1349, maximum sample depth: 15, by T. Axelson, B. Israels.
  • Bingsjö-PISY, Northeastern Dalarna (relatively high altitudes], 1400-1859, by B. Israels. [7]
  • SfsnPISY, Säfsnäs socken, southwestern Dalarna, by Torbjörn Axelson. Based on living trees and timber in buildings. The average altitude of this area is 300-400 m a.s.l.
  • ÄlvdalenPISY, reference for Älvdalen in north western Dalarna, by B. Israels and T. Axelson, AD 1168-1722 (at least 3 samples depth: AD 1319-1612, maximum 21 samples depth)

Central Scandinavia, bogs

Northern central Scandinavia highlands ("Tree line influenced")

Around the Gulf of Finland

  • There are many PISY curves - some of them very long - available at the ITRDB from an area around Savonlinna in south-east Finland. They may be put together and will than form a reference back to AD 535

Around the Gulf of Bothnia

Northern Scandinavia (Lappland and Finnmarka)

Picea abies references useful in Scandinavia

Baltic sea and south east Sweden, low elevations

Western Finland

Central Scandinavia (Southern Swedish highlands included)

Northern central Scandinavia highlands ("Tree line influenced")

Quercus references useful in Scandinavia

As both Quercus robur and Quercus petraea grow in the area, and wood samples of the two species seem similar, most collections may contain not only QURO but maybe also some QUPE samples. Therefore it may be better to label them all as QUSP

South west Sweden

  • BrVQ, five chronologies for Västra Götaland covering 753-1975, by Alf Bråthen. Originally published in the book: Alf Bråthen: Dendrokronologisk serie från västra Sverige 831-1975. Rapport RAÄ 1982:1. ISBN 91-7192-511-2 and Alf Bråthen: The tree-ring chronology of Western Sweden 753-1720, in: Dendrokronologiska Sällskapet: Meddelanden 6, 1983.
  • HallandQU, Halland, southwestern Sweden, 938-1850, but at least four stems depth only the periods 992-1190 and 1321-1681. Arne Andersson (mainly based on measurements lists by Alf Bråthen).

South east Sweden



Southern coast of the Baltic Sea

  • Pola006 ITRDB: pola006.rwl info, East Pomerania, Poland, 53°N,16°E, 996-1985 by Tomasz Wazny. A very good reference, perhaps a bit narrow for recent times. Useful to date collections (rarely single samples) in south east Sweden.
  • Germ011 ITRDB: germ011.rwl info, Hamburg, Germany, 54°N,10°E, 1338-1657, (1735-1967) Eckstein, Schwab. The older part is useful but the younger is probably too narrow.


  • SNorwQ, a Quercus reference for Agder area in southern Norway, 1333-2006, compiled of a huge amount of measurement data published by researchers at the Danish National Museum at ITRDB and in several dating reports.
  • Kaupang-QUSP (kaup41) QUSP chronology from Viking age Kaupang in Skiringssal, Vestfold, AD 518-862, by Niels Bonde.

Quercus references of other European origin

Two French collections covering Roman time and later time are available here: Classic oaks and Historical oaks The format is Besancon 1992 .txt format, which can be read by CDendro.

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