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BrVQ. In 1982[1] and 1983[2] Alf Bråthen published Quercus Master Chronologies for Western Sweden, mainly the historical province Västergötland, although he to some extend mixed with samples from Halland in the chronologies from 1983. He calls them simply "Block 1", "Block 2", "Block 2b", "Block 3", "Block 4" and "Block 5", but we will instead use the identities BrVQ1, BrVQ2, BrVQ3, BrVQ4, BrVQ5. All of them except "Block 2b"/BrVQ2b are useful chronologies even if "block 3" needs to be redated. The measurements were originally done in 0.1 mm resolution, but the average series are given in 0.01 mm resolution.

1983 he calls Block 2b "superseded", and in fact it contains severe mistakes which is revealed by an analysis, which was done before I become aware of his corrections in the publication 1983.

A disadvantage of the regional references published in the supplement 1983 (BrVQ4 and BrVQ5) are the mixing material also from Halland. It would have been better if the material from Västergötland/Diocese of Skara had been kept separated from the Halland material. Now we do not have that "clean" local Västergötland/Skara references as we might have had otherwise. The local Halland reference, HallandQU, is now partly based on the same samples as "block 4" and "Block 5".

In addition to the five BrVQ1-5 chronologies, also two weighted chronologies compiled of BrVQ1-3 by Torbjörn Axelson. They are not very meaningful but sometimes mentioned in dating reports and therefor in need of documentation. BraVSQ and BVSQgt4. In the later all sequences with less than four samples depth was removed.


Block 1. Recent: 1615-1975. At least 4 samples depth: 1634-1974, 9 contemporary stems as best. No problems found.


Block 2. Historical: 1337-1804. At least 4 samples depth: 1380-1779, 16 contemporary stems as best. Bråthen 1983 do not reports any problems.[2]. Known problem:

  • Value for 1650 is missing.


Block 2b. Useless. See BrVQ2b for details.


Block 3. Lödöse, archeological: 780-1298 (Originally mis-dated to 831-1349). At least 4 samples depth: 867-1185. As best: 19. No other problems found.


Block 4. This chronology is mainly based on buildings in the Diocese of Skara, but also some samples from Lindberg in Halland is included. Some of the Lindberg samples may also be included in HallandQ. The chronology is published in the supplement 1983.[2]


Block 5. This chronology contains the Lödöse material from "Block 3", but also a lot of other material from an extended region including Diocese of Skara and Halland (Halmstad). Some of the material from Halland used in this chronology, is also included in HallandQU. The chronology is published in the supplement 1983.[2]



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