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Alf Bråthen (1924-2017), Swedish dendrochronologist in Trollhättan, Sweden. Active in the field since 1973. Author of the Oak chronologies for western Sweden, see BrVQ. He has also published a chronology for Mälardalen, see BratPISY.


  • Alf Bråthen: Dendrokronologisk serie från västra Sverige 831-1975. Rapport RAÄ 1982:1. ISBN 91-7192-511-2.
  • Alf Bråthen: The tree-ring chronology of Western Sweden 753-1720 in: Dendrokronologiska Sällskapet: Meddelanden 6, 1983.
  • Alf Bråthen: Dated wood from Gotland and the diocese of Skara, Forlaget Hikuin, 1995, ISBN 87-87270-75-7
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