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OlandQUSP is an oak reference by Torbjörn Axelson for the island of Öland in the Baltic Sea (south-east Sweden) covering the time 1429-2004 (at least four stems depth: 1498-2002). It is nowadays superseded by swed339.[1] The reference consists mainly of QURO but probably also of some QUSP samples. Samples are from living trees and from many post mills (a type of windmill) and from some other pieces of oak wood. The living tree samples were collected on the central parts of Öland. Most of the post mill samples are also from central Öland, except those with identities starting with Fk.... which are from Föra parish on the northern part of the island[2]. Most of the post mills are built from local wood, but many of them may have been moved around, sometimes rather far on the island, and sometimes also brought in from the mainland coast. Though there are no samples within the chronology that are known to come from the mainland.

The older part of the chronology was originally dated towards Pola006 (Poland, oak, T. Wazny) and Swed022 (Gotland, Pine, Schweingruber). Most of the post mills are built from oak wood cut during the 18'th century. There are few good samples covering the 19'th century.

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  1. ITRDB: swed339.rwl info
  2. The distance of about 20 km does not influence the ring pattern signal very much, but in the Föra area the island is less then seven km broad, and the distance to the mainland is about 15 km in comparison to the central part which is twice as broad (12 km) and the distance to the mainland only the half (7 km or less)