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Småland is a province of southern Sweden. It is mainly dominated by coniferous forests (mainly Picea abies and Pinus sylvestris. The altitudes are generally relatively high, often 200-300 meters, but there are also coast near areas in the eastern part. Some of the oldest wooden buildings in Sweden is found in Småland. There are still a lack of public available dendrochronological references from the area. For the timespan 1345-1661 (more than 300 years) not a single sample is available!


Coast near (Kalmarsund region)

  • A short resent PISY collection is also available from Södra Vi, in the north east part of the province: Södra Vi-PISY

Just outside Småland, along the coast is the island of Öland, from where a Quercus reference, OlandQUSP, is available.

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