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Welcome to the Cybis Wiki on dendrochronology!

The scope of the Cybis Wiki is Dendrochronology and things related to the science of tree rings. E.g. methods, programming, equipment, measurement data and sites related to dendrochronological studies.

The Cybis Wiki is hosted by Cybis Elektronik & Data AB owned by Lars-Åke Larsson who is the author of the CDendro and CooRecorder programs. Despite the bias towards these Cybis programs, the Cybis Wiki welcomes contributions related to other software and methods as well.

Why is not Wikipedia enough? Why do we need a Cybis Wiki too?

Wikipedia is really great and for many general issues it may be best to make your contributions to articles within Wikipedia, rather than to articles here.

Besides articles which may as well be published in Wikipedia, Cybis Wiki will also include material which does not fit in Wikipedia because of the Wikipedia principles of 'Notability and of No original research. I.e Cybis Wiki is a place where you may publish also measurement data as well as methods invented by yourself and results of dendrochronological investigations of any kind. Though still it has to be possible to verify statements, but necessarily not only by referring to reliable published texts as within Wikipedia, but also by reference to common practice and experience developed among dendrochronologists. - We will certainly link to Wikipedia articles quite often, and also reuse material from Wikipedia in articles here. Hopefully, some articles developed here may end up as candidates for publishing in Wikipedia. The idea of Cybis Wiki is to gather useful information related to dendrochronology and to help us develop as dendrochronologists!

How to contribute to this Wiki?

Registration. Before contributing to this Wiki you have to request a user account! Follow the log in-link (also found in the right upper corner). It is highly recommended that you also contact any of the administrators by e-mail to speed up the process (see below).

Another way to contribute (in smaller scale) is by simply e-mailing relevant material to an admin, and ask him to publish it at a relevant page.

The language of articles in this Wiki is English (other languages may be used on discussion pages, temporary pages and user pages). Please correct any mistakes according to grammar and spelling. Most of the contributors are not native English speakers.

Licensing and copyright. By contributing text to Cybis Wiki, you accept:

  1. Licensing under CC-BY-SA (and/or GFDL) which shortly means that you give the permission to others to reuse your text provided they a) give you an acknowledgment and b) publish the (derivate) work under the same license.
  2. You do accept that others may improve your text - as that is the Wiki idea!

This is the same basic conditions as for Wikipedia and related projects. Also, to enable a later transfer of articles from Cybis Wiki to other Wikimedia projects, or ITRDB, the licensing terms of the projects have to be compatible.

Contact the Wiki administration

The "Bureaucrats" of this wiki are: Lars-Ake and Taxelson. Please contact any of us by e-mail if you have problems with your registration or account: