Zorns gammelgård, Eldhuset

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Eldhuset (a sort of primitive cabin, with the fireplace directly on the floor) at Zorns gammelgård in Mora is one of the very oldest wooden buildings in Sweden. The youngest ring found in the original timber of this building is from the summer (earlywood) of 1237. The house was probably built in the late 1230'th, but a lot of logs have been replaced during the centuries. The largest group of replaced logs are probably from the 15'th century, although only a few of them have been possible to cross date. Those logs are skavda (Swedish), which is a type of plaining which is typical in medieval style. As one log from 1571 is not being skavd, we can be sure that the skavda ones are at least older than so. Also the original logs are skavda. Eldhuset was dendrochronologically investigated by Beril Israels and Torbjörn Axelson in 2008 and the result is published in the book "Dalarna 2009" in May 2009.[1]

Zorns gammelgård, Eldhuset/w contains Ring Width, raw measurement data, of dated samples (all PISY) for the period AD 931-1571. Many segments are divergent, and may be removed if the material should be used in a Chronology.

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