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List of extensions used for computer files related to dendrochronology

  • .cat CATRAS format (A non text format for dendro data)
  • .crn Tucson chronology format, used by ITRDB, CDendro
  • .d D-Format
  • .datw
  • .dec Obsolete extension for Tucson format, commonly used by early versions of CDendro. For compatibility with other programs, use .rwl!
  • .fh Heidelberg format. TSAP standard format, (supported by CDendro)
  • .fil Collection file (meta file) used by CDendro (text format)
  • .jpg Jpeg format. Common image file format, used by CooRecorder
  • .pos List of coordinates caught from a .jpg file by CooRecorder and read by CDendro (text format)
  • .rwl Tucson format, used by ITRDB, CDendro
  • .tuc Tucson format, used by [various] (not supported by CDendro)
  • .txt Ordinary plain text format, but used also for a particular dendro data format by Besancon dendro database.
  • .wid CDendro format for ring width data (single sample).