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HotagenPISY is a Pinus sylvestris collection from Hotagen area in northern Jämtland, near the Norwegian border 64°00′N 14°03′E, by Jan-Olov Språng. The time span is 1118-2010 and maximum sample (stem) depth is 20 (>2: 1338-2009). The altitudes is between 350 and 530 meters above sea level. Living and dead trees, often with fire scares.

Origins of samples

  • hob01 Stump with fire scars. (Altitude of samples starting with hob...: 350 m a.s.l.)
  • hob03 Fallen stem with fire scars.
  • hob04 Stump with fire scars.
  • hob05 Fallen stem with fire scars.
  • hob09 Laying stem with fire scars.
  • hob10-11 Living tree
  • hob12 Stump with fire scars.
  • hob13 Laying stem with fire scars. Approx. 15 outermost rings omitted.
  • hot01 Stortallen (The great pine) in Hotagen (Altitude of samples starting with hot...: 530 m a.s.l.)
  • hot02 Growing tree 100 m south of Stortallen
  • hot03-5 Old living trees near "Stortallen"
  • hot06 Old dead tree near Stortallen
  • hot07 Old tree near Stortallen
  • hot09 Living tree near Stortallen
  • hot11-12 Living tree near Stortjärn
  • hot13 Dead tree near Stortjärn


Possible problems

A block correlation analysis towards a mean of JAEMTUA_PISY and SE006[1] as reference reveals possible problems in the segment 1398-1457. Also some single blocks shows low correlation values towards rest of the collection.[2]


  1. See List of references useful in southern and central Scandinavia
  2. This analysis referes to the version of 22 Jan 2010