Checking or unchecking a big group of collection members

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Checking or unchecking a big group of collection members

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When you are working with a collection of many members - even thousands of members - you might want to "export" a big group of members all e.g. longer than 100 years to a separate Heidelberg or Tucson file.

To do this you have to first uncheck all members with the "Uncheck all" button and then check those members you want to "export". Then you can write out the checked members with e.g. the command "Write collection as a Heidelberg (.fh) formatted file..."

To check all members longer than 100 years you should first SORT the collection by clicking on the top of the Length column, i.e. on the word "Length". By clicking repeatedly the members are sorted either way.

With the shortest length at top, scroll down the member list until you see the first member longer than 100 years. Click on that to make it "selected". Then scroll to the bottom of the list, hold down the Shift-key and click on the last member of the list. All the members in between will be "selected". If you now click in one of the selected members checkbox, all the selected members will get selected! - You might then also use the "Invert check" button to achieve what you want.
Then you can easily export these members to a file or even just copy them into another collection ("Copy collection members to target collection").

If the first line of the Comment field contains the location of your samples, you can easily sort your big collection by the location - just click on the top of the Comment column to make it sorted. You can also sort by EndYear or StartYear.
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