New features: Stem density and block correlations

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New features: Stem density and block correlations

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Two new features of the test/development version of CDendro:

1. The stem density (chronology replication) of mean value curves created from collections is now shown in the curve diagrams (marked yellow above).
The density of the reference is shown at the bottom of the diagram ("12 13 14..." above). The density of the mean value sample compared to the reference is shown at the top of the diagram ("4 3 3 2 1").

Please notice that the stem density will never be more than 1 if you calculate the mean value of several radii of the same stem and creates the sum with "Sum by stem" checked for your collection.
Neither the standard deviation will be plotted even though you have checked ShowStdDev as above. (Provided that you have followed the naming conventions for coordinate files of the same stem, see ... g_standard

2. Correlation coefficients from successive blocks/segments of the two curves are now plotted as shown above (marked blue-green).
The length of the blocks and their distances can be set via the two text boxes shown above in the low left corner. Note that the blocks may overlap, i.e. with the length greater than the distance.
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