Why this forum? - How to register?

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Why this forum? - How to register?

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For some time, I have felt that our Swedish group of amateur dendrochronologists is a bit closed. Only communicating by email - as we have exclusively done until now - does not invite contacts with others. With a forum it would be easier for an outsider to join, as old postings are available for reading.

The main language for writings in this forum will be English!

Some questions and problems which are related mainly to Sweden will probably anyhow be discussed in Swedish.. :cry:
Being too rigid with a requirement that everything should be in English would probably only result in communicating the old way - by email.
And then - afterwards - that emailed Swedish discussion is in any case not available to Swedish newcomers.

Though with some non-Swedish speaking forum members which write a bit, the Swedes will certainly write in English! :)

So, please welcome to this forum!

Because of visitors who are not willing to be open on their identity and neither want to adhere to the forum rules when writing, your forum account has to be set up by one of the administrators of the forum.
So please write an e-mail to one of the administrators and - in a few words - tell about your interest in the subject of this Forum, and we will set up an account for you.
You will find our addresses at http://www.cybis.se/forumimages/forumadminmail.htm

Please be aware that almost all postings on this message board are readable to anybody interested!

/Lars-Åke Larsson, owner of the forum.

Note, that you can subscribe to a certain forum or just to a certain topic of special interest. When you are subscribed to a forum or a topic, you will be notified by email as soon as there is a new posting on that forum or topic!

Please, also note that your email address is not revealed publically on the forum. Your email address will only be visible to the administrators of the forum.
You can send messages privately to other members through the forum. The receiver will then get an email from the forum system telling about the subject of your message and that the rest of your message can be read when they login at the forum.
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