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by DavidGervais
02 Mar 2018, 15:22
Forum: CDendro General Discussion
Topic: TRiDaS XML-based data format
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TRiDaS XML-based data format

Considering the latest discussion on the ITRDB forum about file formats and the way we deal with metadata in dendro files, I've been looking at the TRiDaS XML-based data format. Any chance that exporting a collection to TRiDaS format will be incorporated into future versions of CDendro? Thanks! Dave
by DavidGervais
13 Jan 2012, 19:59
Forum: CDendro General Discussion
Topic: Removing non-zero rings
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Removing non-zero rings

I am presently synchronizing a large number of .rwl files (that have no .pos file associate as they were measured via velmex). I am using the "add best members to target collection" method, which is working quite well. I have a question about the removal of non-zero rings. It happens often...