How to crop a collection

There may be situations when you want to only keep collection data related to a certain period in time.
Creating a block out of a mean value sample, is easily done with the button "Create sample from block" on the Curve display tab of your mean value sample.

Cropping all the members of a collection is a little more tricky. Here is how to do that!

The current (Jan 2010) development/test version now has a special command for this:

"Collections/Write collection as cropped members to a .fh file"
that will do this in one single operation!

The text below may anyhow be of interest as a description of how to export and import data from/to CDendro.

First open your collection (Create new collection from decadal... or Open collection).
Then select the menu command Collections/Write Collection in TABULAR format which is kind of an "export data" command.
You will be prompted for a file name, and then also for which year interval to be used.

The exported .txt file can then be imported into e.g. MS Excel - if that is what you want.
Though if you want your data stored in a collection (e.g. in an .rwl file), please read on!

Close your original collection!
Click the menu command Collections/Import and convert tabular data to a .fh-collection file
In the dialog window, click "Paste from a text file" and select that .txt file you created above and click Open!
The small textbox at the top left corner will fill up with your tabular data.
Click step 5 "Analyze data from textbox now!"
Then click step 7 "Try convert data read, into a new .fh file collection" and select a suitable file name and click Save!
Click on the Close button to close the dialog window.

If you prefer a .rwl file for your data, open the .fh file with the menu command
Collections/Create new collection from decadal (.rwl, .rwc) or Heidelberg (*.fh) file.
Then use the menu command Collections/Write collection as decadal file WITH comments to save your cropped data in a .rwl file.

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