Using CooRecorder to measure tree ring widths, blue channel data or plotted curves
Last update 31 Jan. 2022

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About CooRecorder 8.1
What's new in versions 9.0-9.6?

What's new in version 9.8?

CooRecorder basics. (Info on video tutorials!!)
Point labels and sample comments
CooRecorder display settings
Other settings - Are you having slow screen updates?
Dpi calibration and photo calibration
Ergonomical aspects

Dendro measurements
Adding year numbers to your ring borders
How to measure at right angles or over a crack
Auto place points: Measure ring widths automatically!!!
Check against a reference curve during measurement!
Distance and Rings to pith

Blue in CooRecorder 8.1:
(Version 8.1 now released!)
On blue channel measurements
Getting the blues from NAM01 - an example New!
The Densitometer
On XRay density measurements and calibration
On blue calibration:
Check your blue CI calibration
Calibration with EpsonScan, VueScan and CooRecorder
Blue CI calibration and dendro measurements
Easy ways to destroy absolute calibration
Make your own calibrated color patches
Delta-blue and calibration

Create ring width data out of an old curve plot
Retrieving data from a published plotted ring width curve